Bow Rehair

A bow rehair can often be done the same day. As we do not force dry the hair, three to four hours are needed to complete the job. When possible, please phone ahead to make an appointment. In consultation we can also provide restoration of the balance and camber according to your preference. We also offer both a high standard of bow hair, and a finest select bow hair at your request.


Instrument Repairs and Adjustments

Our shop provides appointments for the ongoing maintenance and adjustments of string instruments. For general repairs such as seams to be glued, bridge arching, strings and other maintenance, no appointment is necessary.

For more extensive repairs, calling for an appointment is recommended. We can assess and provide a cost estimate before the repairs are undertaken. In most cases if the repair requires that your instrument be left with us, we can loan an instrument or bow of equal value for the duration of the repair.

Once the shop ensures your instrument is in good seasonal condition, we can arrange an appointment for consultation and further adjustments, to maximize the quality of sound and balance.


School and Institutional Repairs

Our school repair department has been serving and working with teachers for over forty years.

To schedule repairs, please e-mail us at