Instrument Appraisal

Our staff may offer a verbal consultation to assess value and condition, and estimate repairs required for consignment sale for no fee, on a case by case basis. Our verbal appraisals for instruments and bows can provide expert opinion for insurance or estate purposes, by appointment.


Fees For Appraisal

    Estate Appraisal : $350.00 per hour (plus expenses)
      Condition Report and Expert Opinion : $350.00 per hour (one hour minimum)
        Written Appraisal for Insurance Purposes : $160.00 *
          Update of Previous Appraisal on File : $84.00

            * Note if an instrument is purchased here a written appraisal will be included


            Out Of Town or Country

            Out of town or out of country clients may begin the discussion by sending detailed photographs, either 35mm or digital jpeg format. Please contact us prior to taking the photographs and we will give you technical advice for best results. Even with high quality photographs, it may be necessary to ship the items for final study before a proper appraisal can be given.


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