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Canada's Foremost Violin Experts & Antiquarians


As Conservators of fine and rare instruments, our restoration rooms are internationally renowned for the highest level of excellence in repairs and personal sound adjustments. The care and attention given to accurate and detailed restorations are unsurpassed. Serving the entire violin family and their bows from ancient to modern works, we look forward to discussing your needs in a quiet and private atmosphere.




As Purveyors, we travel the world to secure the finest examples of musical and historical importance, so that players, collectors and investors alike can select from our stock. We pride ourselves in working to achieve your requirements within budget, and will search out the perfect piece for you should it not be in our current offerings.

Evaluation for insurance or estate purposes, Professional opinions on authorship and condition reports are always kept in strict confidence.

We provide the highest level of excellence in repairs, restoration and acquiring the finest examples of musical and historical instruments for the beginners to experts, students to teachers, collectors and investors.


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Founder & Violin Maker


Born Schnecken, Austria, 8 February 1891 Died in Toronto, Ontario, 6 December 1980


George studied violin making with his father, Joseph, and Uncle Johann in Vienna. Apprenticed in various shops and received his violin makers Diploma in 1911. Joined the firm W.E. Hill & Sons of London. After a short time was sent to Toronto to head up the Violin Department at R.S. Williams & Company, 1912-1920. (Williams being the Canadian representatives of Hills at that time.)

Went to Ottawa in 1920 to establish his own shop, but returned to Toronto in 1926 and opened Geo. Heinl & Co. which to this date has remained a major supplier of string instruments and accessories.

Heinl, Sr. made 148 instruments, mostly patterned after the Stradivarius, Guarnarius, Guadagnini models. In 1944 Heinl passed control of the Company to his sons George Jr.-born in Ottawa 1923 and Frank-born Toronto 1928. Both sons apprenticed as violin makers, but only Frank made instruments professionally.

George Jr. was head of retail sales for fifty years, passing away in 1994. Frank became President of Geo. Heinl & Co. in 1974. Frank was a great supporter of the arts from coast to coast, in particular the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Frank was also a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow makers, the International Entente, the Violin Society of America, and past President of the Musical industries Association of Canada 1981-1982. Passing away in 2003.

Grandson Ric W. Heinl joined the firm in 1971, and is now the President of the company. Being very active in the shop and in pursuit of fine instruments. Ric has been responsible for bringing many fine world class instruments to Canada. Ric is passionate about the art of restoration and is dedicated to improving and refining repair techniques. This dedication has earned the shop international recognition as one of the finest in the world today. Ric Heinl is also curator for numerous corporate and institutional collections as well as acting agent to the ‘Canada Council for the Arts’.